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Like Father Like Daughter

 She comes by it honestly…       Advertisements

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Rule of Life #4: Feng Shui is Important

I never used to buy into Feng Shui, you guys.  I’m just not a very superstitious person by nature.  I don’t wish on stars.  I don’t read my horoscope.  I walk under ladders, let black cats cross my path, and I … Continue reading

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Hope you’ve got your tickets…

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But Seriously You Guys…

I don’t really do a lot of serious posts on this blog.  I don’t think that a lot of people out there know that between this post and this post, a lot of things that I didn’t really write about happened. … Continue reading

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Hadda Thought…

If you’ve ever pooped with someone else sitting on your lap, you know you’re a mom.  Or a pervert.

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Mixing Business and Friendship

is not advisable.  SERIOUSLY not advisable. I’ve got this friend that is a lawyer.  Let’s call her…Shmessica.* Anyhow, I asked Shmessica for some advice of the legal nature about a situation in which I am potentially going to get bent over … Continue reading

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