Matilda James: 1 Month

Matilda James is now a month old, and I can’t believe how fast it goes, even though I’ve done this before, and should absolutely know that time just slips right past you before you know it.  

Matilda at 1 month:


Matilda is a much better sleeper than Violet was.  After two weeks, she was successfully sleeping the entire night in her bassinet instead of crying until I held her.  She also only wakes up about every three hours, and it seemed like Violet was up a lot more than that.

She shits a lot less than Violet, but farts and burps ALL the time.  She also snorts, farts, sqeaks, and makes various other man-like noises while trying to settle to sleep.  This has made getting myself to sleep LOADS of fun considering I’ve got the mom ears that come with having a newborn, and I can hear it every time he eyelids flutter.

Matilda has done great getting on an eating schedule, something we never bothered to do with Violet because, 1. she was my first and I basically just did whatever she told me to do because itty-bitty-baby!!  and 2. I had six more weeks of maternity leave with Violet than I do with Matilda, so I took my time getting her on a schedule.  Matilda has had to adjust very quickly to schedules and bottles and such, and has done well with it.

I mean…I don’t know…what else can you say about a one month old, really??  She’s an adorable little lump that isn’t quite smiling yet, but is definitely starting to be more and more alert day by day.  She looks IDENTICAL to Violet when she was first born, so I am looking forward to having two mini-mees.  She’s a pretty mellow baby, and has displayed NO signs of colic, which was a big fear of mine.  I can’t wait to find out just who Matilda is going to be!


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One Response to Matilda James: 1 Month

  1. Linds says:

    So glad we are closer to get to watch her grow up! It was great to finally meet her yesterday. Now if I could just hold her before she is a toddler. Who knew you were such a baby hog, or maybe it’s just with me 😉 Avery came home and told Daddy and Grandma that he got to play with Violet and meet Tilda (apparently the Ma is too much to get out before tilda). However, I usually don’t type more than M or V, so who am I to talk. Hope you can soak up every minute before returning to work and the transition back goes as smooth as possible!

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